Moor Soul Designs

Moor Soul Designs has a larger goal in mind...

Moor Soul Designs first objective was to help non-profit organizations create apparel that people would love to wear – fashionable apparel that would generate both revenue and awareness. We work in partnership with local community organizations who have a passion for raising awareness regarding worldly and social issues. We work closely with locally based companies giving a portion of all proceeds back to the community to help make a difference. We believe in helping our local economy and community.

We are a company you can depend on to produce your job accurately, within a reasonable timeframe and we’ll perform this miracle within your budget. We help you bring your ideas and dreams to life. With the goal of high quality products and fast turn around times - we keep your budget in mind and keep you on track. Customer service and quality is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on making and maintaining relationships with our clients. We want you to succeed and grow and understand that WE WORK FOR YOU!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

We truly appreciate your business!


Moor Soul Designs
Denver, CO

Email: moorsouldesigns@gmail.com

Moor Soul Designs is a retail extension of our JEGNA Mentoring Program. Moor Soul Designs is a Colorado based apparel design company that was established to provide financial support and positively spread our message of the JEGNA program. We provide custom printing for individuals and businesses alike. From making one product to thousands, we are here to help create products that people love.

JEGNA is an Ethiopian word that means — “a brave person who is a protector of culture, rights and the well-being of people.” This is what our community needs and this is what the JEGNA community and its programs are dedicated to. We are raising the next generation of great leaders to create a better tomorrow. We are teaching our youth about their situation in a candid manner. We don’t do this to discourage them; we do this to prepare them. They must understand what they are facing in its entirety so they can overcome it and achieve success.